Basset Wholesale Revenue Management suite is fully LTE ready

Today’s communications industry is expanding fast. The Operators and CSP’s are rolling out more technology and services and taking on more partners to create propositions which will keep them afloat in the stormy waters of digital competition.

By the end of 2013, almost 60% of the world’s carriers launched LTE as an enabler of high-performance mobile broadband and mobile internet access. By 2017, 4G communications will be available to around a billion active subscriptions. 4G will make broadband internet accessible from virtually any location worldwide. But do the revenue opportunities it brings outweigh the challenges of handling massive transaction volumes? How can operators control the way broadband technologies are used – and what demands will be put on BSS?

To survive in this emerging environment, you need to focus more on how you BSS solution can deliver more control, more functionality, and more reliability. Operators need to defend an expanding business from the risks of diversification and they need help finding the most efficient routes to market. Otherwise they will be out of business, says Pelle Ewald, EVP Sales.

Basset recently launched a new Wholesale Revenue Management platform that handles interconnect billing, revenue assurance, roaming and wholesale for 4G networks to help operators and CSPs better control their revenues in this dynamic market.

At Mobile World Congress we will show how to handle the new aspects of product and billing differentiation coming with LTE and VoLTE, Pelle Ewald continues.