Enghouse Releases Wholesale Revenue Management 8

Stockholm, Sweden – (February 20, 2015) – Enghouse Networks Limited, a division of Enghouse Systems Limited is pleased to announce the release of Wholesale Revenue Management 8 (WRM8), earlier branded under the name of Basset Wholesale Revenue Management.

The WRM8 release includes scalability enhancements, an extended feature offering and the integration of a comprehensive wholesale fraud management platform, earlier branded under the name of Basset Watchdog. Enghouse Wholesale Fraud Management is now a fully integrated component of WRM8, enabling telecommunications wholesale service providers to proactively manage revenue leakage due to wholesale fraud.

Key enhancements include:

  • Interconnect Billing and Settlement for wholesale multi-product rating and invoicing, complex bilateral deals, settlements and credit management.
  • Automatic Reconciliation for validation of supplier invoices, CDR-by-CDR comparisons and dispute resolution process workflows.
  • Route Optimization and Trading functions that can enable seamless automation from dial code management to test calling and implementing optimal routes in the network.
  • Wholesale Fraud integrated protection against bypass sim-boxing, premium revenue sharing, PBX hacking fraud and more.
  • Roaming Billing now including RAEX IR21 automation and RAEX IOT check with full support for LTE roaming scenarios.


About Enghouse Networks

Enghouse Networks offers software technology solutions for the planning, design, operation and support of next generation telecommunications and utility networks. These solutions are offered in a combination of on premise licensed products, cloud and subscription based services.

Enghouse’s customers include next generation network operators, broadband wireless and mobile service providers, cable MSO, fiber to the home providers, wholesale, local and international carriers and enterprise business telecommunications providers.

Enghouse Networks is a subsidiary of Enghouse Systems Limited, a software technology company, founded in 1984 and traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the symbol ESL.

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For further information please contact: networks@enghouse.com