Our background

It is often said that our first years after we are born are the most important in forming us to become the person we later become. This could also be said about Basset in many ways.

In 1997 Basset was spun out from Tele2. This was the first challenger in the Swedish market taking on the big incumbent. Tele2 also started one of the first GSM operators in Europe under the brand Comviq. Both Tele2’s fixed and mobile brands became huge successes in the market. Later Tele2 also grew into Europe with the same concept.

Being raised in an environment like that has formed our view of life. Coming from a Telco, we have a deep insight into the industry. Being a challenger has taught us to always think differently; focus on the value and business impact of what we deliver. It is in our genes to try to make things smarter and more nimble than many of our colleagues in the business, whose main ambitions are just growing big for the sake of being big.

We are in our teens now and looking back one can see a clear pattern if you look at the installed base we have accumulated. Operators that want to grow fast, that have high ambitions but more than that, put words into action are the ones we get along with and the ones the likes us the best. So if you share any such ambitions you may want to look our way.

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