Our concept

We offer added business value by increasing revenue, by minimizing risk, by lowering TCO. In short, by Basset.

By Basset is our signature. You wouldn’t put your signature on just anything. When you sign something you approve it and you take full responsibility and ownership for it.

An artist signs his painting only when it has been perfected. You do not sign blank checks for a reason. Just as the artist we sign off on our products only when they are ready to be framed and hung on the wall. When our signature is in place you can rest assured that the only thing needed to hang it is a hammer and a nail. Unlike other artist (that do not sign their products) you do not need to re-build your room nor have construction workers in your house indefinitely running up costs by the hour. With a signed and framed work of art you only need a hammer and nail to hang it.

So if you see our signature just relax, we will take full responsibility. We have to, because it has been signed by us, by Basset.

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