Telecom Offering

Basset is a global provider of BSS products within the areas of specialized billing and fraud. Our offering holds world class products and is designed for you to get the most out of investments already made. Our focus is on solving real problems and helping your business leapfrog the competition.

Why Basset

  • We built our business delivering products to the challengers of the telecom and utility market. Our collaboration with these competitive operators has shaped the way we develop, design and deliver our products.
  • We add more value to your business. Our work with hundreds of operations all around the world has given us in depth knowledge about this industry.
  • We create advanced solutions – and we make them easy to use. Get started right away.
  • We can easily configure our products to meet your business requirements and operational conditions. No code changes. No problems.
  • We work closely with our customers. To us all customers matter and you will never get lost in the shuffle. We build the future products together.
  • We lower your OPEX. Lower your costs by our innovative products and still get high value.