Roaming Billing

Roaming Billing  fully covers your roaming business needs – developed to provide everything you need to effectively manage your roaming business and to minimize manual work.

Using the automated processes, logical work flow and intuitive dashboards, your resources will be liberated from old repetitive tasks.

Roaming Billing is one of the world’s most well-proven roaming billing products and our involvement in standardization bodies assures that your system stays compliant to the latest GSMA Standards such as TAP, RAP, RAEX, NRTRDE and HUR.

In order to effectively manage your roaming business, you need to be in control and have the capability to make changes quickly!

  • Control your price when you want to through a flexible and powerful rating. Realize your preferential agreements and innovative offers!
  • The seamless integration from TAP file to bill gives you total control and opens up possibilities unavailable in a scattered or outsourced environment.
  • The reporting capabilities will allow you to constantly monitor and maintain your business, as well as to identify new business opportunities.
  • Roaming Billing provides a system reconciliation module that will satisfy your auditors and RA team.
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