Watchdog Fraud

Watchdog Fraud by Basset is a worldwide proven Fraud Management product that has been on the market for more than 15 years.

Watchdog Fraud by Basset gives you the best in class Fraud Management and support for your operation by Basset experts.

By using Watchdog Fraud, you get a powerful tool that:

  • Operates in real time
  • Is flexible enough to fit into any network technology
  • Is flexible enough to adjust any alarm at any time
  • Is flexible enough to provide all necessary reports and dashboard for management, and yourself
  • Is flexible in design which allows for scaling
  • Is configured and tuned from day one and gives a rapid return of investment

Watchdog Fraud detects all known fraud types and has especially been focusing on the top fraud types summarized from GSM Association. Contact us to find out how.

What’s the Risk?
The fraud scene is run by international rings which are highly sophisticated in their methods. They perform analysis on their targets to spot weaknesses and organize the hit to maximize their profit.

Rapid detection is essential and in Watchdog Fraud, call data records are visible within minutes!

Watchdog detects and minimizes the exposure of the typical fraud types such as:

  • SIM-Box Fraud, also known as Bypass Fraud
  • International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF)
  • Premium Rate Fraud
  • Roaming Fraud
  • SIM cloning
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