Convergent invoicing

Convergent invoicing of multiple utilities and other services can improve the environmental aspects, reduce costs and improve customer loyalty.

Many Utilities have different billing systems due to offering many different utilities e.g. gas, water, electricity, heating etc. Our easy to plug in solution will converge these different utilities on one invoice without changing billing system or going for a big replacement project where one huge system is supposed to cover everything. If one of the main drivers of changing your systems is the convergence, you should consider what benefits you are really looking for and at which cost. Our convergence engine will give you the benefit of one invoice and a complete overview of your customers undertaking without having to change your entire billing architecture.

Convergent Invoicing product supports:

  • Convergent Invoicing of multiple Utilities from different CIS
  • Multiplespecifications with each invoice and full traceability of the debt to each service
  • A customer centric account model
  • Different invoice layouts, distribution and payment methods
  • Functions for account split of payments

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Case study: Fjordkraft