Large Account Billing

The large account billing process for B2B customers are today most often handled with manually processes.

The same scenario is applicable all over the world, large accounts that require down to quarterly measurements are handled manually and often this is the single biggest obstacle for expansion of the energy B2B business for Utilities. Our Large Account Billing automates these processes and handles the most complex price and product structures in the world. No more manual work and no more obstacles for expansion.

The Large Account Billing system creates the following improvements to your current business:

  • System processes replace hands-on operations for billing of advanced B2B-products – Eg. combinations of tariff-plans with buckets automatic re-purchase
  • Flexibility in customer/product structure
  • Supports frequently metering and large numbers of transactions – APIs to applications to create increased customer engagement.
  • Advanced reporting and analysis of customer profitability and margins
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