Micro Production Billing

More and more Utilities start and support various types of micro production initiatives to engage the customers and support the transition towards a higher degree of renewable energy production.

In today’s traditional Utility model energy flows one way down the value chain, from the power plant via the transmission lines to the consumer. Going forward this model will change and added to the “old” way, new smaller environmental friendly product plants will be part of the grid, such as wind, solar and wave, etc. They can be organized in the same way as the traditional power plants but they can also be part of the consumers homes i.e. the consumer will also become a producer.

One of the major changes is that the energy flow will go in different directions during the day. This has a huge impact on the present grid infrastructure where a new eco system will form. It will also affect the IT solutions that have to support the new settlement of energy, products and pricing, and consumer billing with consumers both buying and selling into the grid.

Basset has developed a product that can handle this new Energy ecosystem and the challenges it brings from the IT and Billing perspective.

Micro Production Billing takes care of:

  • Spot market rating in real-time of the produced energy
  • Produced energy value forwarded to an account which also imports transactions from the consumption billing system
  • Leveling up payments over time,  based on monetary value instead of kWh.
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