Smart City Billing

Some service providers offers both Utility and Telecom services to create loyalty with creative offerings and bundled services.

Being firmly rooted in both the industries we can offer billings solutions that can handle both these industries on a single invoice. In many parts of the world big infrastructural investments are being made into Smart Cities. Basset offers these initiatives a fully loaded billing solutions that can handle billing processes for Utility, Telecom and also other fixed fees on one single invoice. We call it our Smart City Billing product.

Smart City Billing supports:

  • Converged billing process of Telco and Utility services – Ex. new compounds and large real-estate projects
  • Service bundles to gain customer loyalty
  • ”Best of breed” Telco and Utility rating with converged invoicing
  • The complete billing process from consumption data to payments
  • Advanced reporting and analysis tools
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