Utility Rating

The increased information flow from smart meters about consumer usage will affect the way you can present information to the consumers in real-time.

It will affect the number of products and price plans you can offer, it will give you as a Utility better ways of controlling the consumption and it will also affect transaction load on your systems and networks. Our Utility Rating solution targets the changes that will happen when moving into the smart grids and it solves those problems and it offers endless possibilities but it does not change the processes that will remain the same even in the future.

The Utility Rating solution is developed to complement the existing CIS to offer:

  • Real-time rating engine for the new Demand Response processes
  • New dynamic pricing models like TOU, CPP and various “hedge combinations
  • Lower risk in retail business
  • Flexible product component structure with shorter time-to-market for new products
  • Support for frequent metering and high capacit to manage large numbers of transactions
  • The system is designed to plug into to your current CIS solution and help you get the full potential of the smart grids without you having to pay for what is already working and will continue to work in the future.

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