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Who are we?

Starting in Aalborg 2003, Capana was established by 3 seasoned professionals as a consulting company with primary focus on Wholesale Billing and Business Intelligence for the telecommunications industry. The company rapidly grew due to our ability to deliver on commitments and ensure our customers were totally satisfied with our solutions and services. Today we are proud to employ more than 30 people, serving companies all over the world.

What we do

Capana is an IT and Management consulting company with focus on business intelligence and revenue management. For more than a decade, we have delivered product and services to some of the world’s most well-known companies throughout a wide range of industries.

what we do

Business Intelligence

Over 200 deliveries to customers with requirements in finance, sales, procurement and production has given us the experience in developing and delivering successful solutions and has made Capana one of the largest business intelligence houses in Scandinavia.

We base our deliveries on the technology Qlikview which is the fastest growing product in the business intelligence space. Capana is one of the most experienced and largest Qlikview Partners in Scandinavia and have done Qlikview Business Intelligence since 2004.

Revenue Management

In 2006, we took our Telecommunications portfolio to the next level with the development of CapSettle and additional services.
Our solution, which include optimised collection, mediation, rating and billing/payment for roaming and interconnect, quickly became a great success.

Today, we serve telecommunications operators on all continents and the solution has evolved to supply the same benefits for other areas, such as Utilities and Media houses.

Our History

We want to present our history to let you know where we are coming from. We started small and as we have grown, we still stay true to who we are, a flexible, innovative and above all fun company.

  • 2003 - When it all started

    Founded in Aalborg, Denmark in 2003. The company started as a three person consultancy firm by Anders Frost, Johan Ohlstenius and Niels Krogh Olsen, focusing on wholesale billing and business intelligence for the telecommunications industry. The name Capana comes from Capacity Analysis.

  • 2004 - Building BI presence in the Nordics

    Capana becomes the first company in Denmark to sign an OEM contract with Business Intelligence application provider QlikTech.

  • 2006 - Moving Billing and Revenue Management to Sweden

    Capana expands by opening up Capana in Gothenburg, Sweden and moves all wholesale billing development there. With this, Capana strengthen its position with new employees with years of experience from the revenue management domain.

  • 2008 - Capana consulting

    Capana expands even further by opening up a brand new branch in Copenhagen, Denmark for business consulting. It develops as a branch from the business intelligence unit. The main purpose of Capana Consulting is to accommodate the increasing demand for management consulting services.

  • 2009 - 100 customers

    Capana celebrate the signing of the contract with the 100th customer.

  • 2010 - Capana Operations

    Capana expands and opens up Capana Operations which offers full IT infrastructure support. The Operations part of Capana started as a response to one of the largest telecom customers who was in need of a fresh approach to IT managed services. With a business unit doing 70 % more work with 30 % less resources, Operations was an instant success and has since then grown into a blossoming part of the Capana group.

    The same year, Capana becomes an Associate Member of the GSM Association and becomes active in a wide range of groups such as BARG and TADIG.

  • 2013 - 10 years of Capana

    Capana celebrates its 10th anniversary and now employ over 90 people.

    Capana wins huge deal to deliver CapSettle Roaming (TAP, RAP, RAEX) and Business Intelligence to two of the largest operators in Brazil.

  • 2014 - Capana 2.0

    Capana is the host for TADIG #77 in Marstrand Sweden and welcomes delegates from all over the world.The Consulting branch is moved to new facilities in Aalborg together with the Business Intelligence department.

    We also presents new visual identity for an even more united Capana.

    Capana operations is merged with Telenor Denmark, leaving the Capana branch. Capana 2.0 is now fully focused on its core, Business Intelligence, Revenue Management and Managed Services.

  • 2016 - Internet of Things

    Capana and the CapSettle product were recognized for the capabilities to support overall industrial digitalization and the cross border/technology required to support M2M moving into the IoT space.