CapSettle – Broadband Capacity Billing

The CapSettle Next Generation Broadband and Access Billing Platform allows Broadband providers to bill for broadband access offered to other actors such as internet service providers (ISP), operators, virtual service providers (VSP), access providers and mobile virtual network operators (MVNO).

Broadband Billing

The demand for fast and reliable broadband services is rapidly increasing. Bandwidth intensive applications such as video conferences, file transfers and cloud based services require this, and as a broadband provider, you want to ensure that you can provide as high quality product as possible. Why should the partner management and billing be any different as it is part of the delivery process?

CapSettle Next Generation Broadband and Access Billing provides a cost effective and highly scalable platform that converge billing and partner settlement with assurance and business analysis, from the collection of router counter information to finished invoice.


Once processed and distributed to the database, CapSettle can generate invoices, handle account receivables and much more.


The AMI data will be processed based on the configuration in CapSettle, with validation, estimation and editing.

Some of the features in CapSettle are:

– Pre-integrated meter to usage converter for flexible and fast convertion to rateable data.

– Multiple bill determinant rules (e.g. peak, off-peak, time-of-use, 95th percentile billing).

– Support for multi-utility metering, such as Gas, Water, Electricity or other commodities.

– Re-rating and re-pricing options through out all levels in the system and at any point in time.

– Flexible integration and distribution to surrounding infrastructure and support systems.


Counter statistics are collected from multiple network routers using schedulable collectors (e.g SNMP). Collection can be scheduled on a one second precision.

How does it work?

Counter statistics are collected from multiple network routers using schedulable collectors (e.g SNMP). Collection can be scheduled on a one second precision. CapSettle will then convert the counter information into billable usage data. Information will continuously be added and aggregated for each new counter reading. It is also possible to calculate bandwidth usage per measured interval. The usage data will be processed based on the setup configured in CapSettle. Should anything go wrong at any time, the solution has an intuitive error and suspense handling perspective which will guide you through the process.

CapSettle offer a variety of billing alternatives including burstable billing, also known as 95th percentile billing. This means that charge calculation will be based on 95 % bandwidth usage excluding burstable bandwidth access for 5 % of the time without financial penalty.

Accounts receivable (payment registration, debit and credit notes) as well as invoice generation is included in CapSettle. The solution also provides real time reporting and business analysis. CapSettle can easily be interfaced to other ERPs and Data warehouse solutions.

Broadband Billing Quick Facts

  • Complete end-2-end broadband billing solution
  • Collects counter statistics using SNMP
  • Converts counter information to usage data
  • Processes usage data based on user setup
  • Burstable billing (95th percentile billing)
  • Accounts receivables and invoice generation
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