Capana delivers TAP 3.12 Converter to Cubacel, Cuba

Capana has successfully completed another delivery of the CapSettle TAP 3.12 Converter solution. This time,  to Cubacel, Cuba. The solution was provided to Cubacel, and with some minor remote support from Capana they installed and integrated the TAP 3.12 converter into their infrastructure.

The TAP 3.12 Converter was deployed on an existing server to minimize Capex and integrated as a standalone solution between the roaming system and the data clearing house. The tap 3.12 converter was deployed seamlessly and is working within a High Availability environment.

Once the solution was in place Cubacel began with an acceptance test period which included testing on both incoming TAP files as received from the Data Clearing House in the new TAP 3.12 format which were converted to 3.11 as well as verifying the result of Cubacel produced3.11 files which were converted into 3.12. The 3.12 fles were also sent to the Data Clearing House for validation. After getting the green light from the Data Clearing House, and all tests being successfully deployed, the solution was ready to go into production within the scheduled time.

Why TAP 3.12 Conversion?

The 1st of May 2012, the GSM Association introduced the new TAP standard, version 3.12 for all GSM mobile network operators.

For Cubacel to be able to comply to this GSMA directive, they had to decide on the most cost effective and simple way to implement it. Operators should comply with GSMA TAP directives and standards. The Capana TAP Converter can be deployed in just one week for current and future compliance with GSMA TAP standards. Capana offers a solution that is more cost effective than reliance on out sourced solutions.

By deploying Capana’s future proof TAP 3.12 Converter solution, Cubacel installed a highly cost efficient and reliable solution. This allows for TAP IN/OUT files to be managed quickly and efficiently to ensure optimized cash flow at low and fixed cost.

The Solution

The TAP 3.12 Converter is a module based conversion solution that fits elegantly in all GSM mobile network operators billing solution architecture. Whether there is a roaming billing or in-house solution operating in the background, the TAP 3.12 Converter can be interfaced as a standalone black box or integrated entirely into the infrastructure of the operator.

About Cubacel

Cubacel is a modern GSM telecommunications service provider that successfully launched 3G services in March 2013. With 1.5 million local subscribers and a significant volume of in-bound roaming tourists, it is essential for Cubacel to comply with GSMA directives and eliminate Clearing House costs for TAP Conversion.

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