Capana delivers TAP 3.12 Converter to Unitel, Angola

Capana has successfully completed the delivery and handover of the CapSettle TAP 3.12 Converter solution to UNITEL, Angola. The Solution was delivered right on schedule, including acceptance testing and training.

Why TAP Conversion?

From the 1st of May 2012, the new TAP standard, version 3.12, was introduced to all GSM mobile network operators. This meant that if any of UNITEL’s partners send 3.12 TAP files, then UNITEL is responsible to make sure that the 3.12 files can be managed.

By deploying Capana’s future proof TAP 3.12 Converter solution, Unitel installed a highly cost efficient and reliable solution. This allows for TAP IN/OUT files to be managed quickly and efficiently to ensure optimized cash flow at low and fixed cost.

The Solution

The TAP Converter is a module based conversion solution that fits elegantly in all GSM mobile network operators billing solution architecture. Whether there is a roaming billing or in-house solution operating in the background, the TAP 3.12 Converter can be interfaced as a standalone black box or integrated entirely into the infrastructure of the operator.

About Unitel

Originating in 1998, UNITEL SA is the leader in mobile voice and data services in Angolan market with GSM technology solutions. UNITEL quickly established and maintained the No.1 status as the preferred mobile operator for the Angolan population.

They began their operations in 2001 and has since then extended the range of services and are currently offering Third Generation (3G), GPRS, EDGE, UMTS and GSM, gradually increasing their range of national coverage.


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