CapSettle – Wholesale Billing and Settlements

The wholesale business is evolving to meet wholesale agreement needs and marketing strategies. This is driven by end consumers demanding more interaction, control and personalization. For carriers and wholesale service providers, this means more complex partner agreements and business models which can be implemented quickly by the operator team. This requires a solution platform that is able to be managed by the operator and be flexible to cater for these requirements with high availability, scalability and optimized accuracy for cash flow contribution.

CapSettle, provides a single entity convergent end-to-end wholesale billing & settlement platform to manage all wholesale business requirements for pre and post-paid subscribers.

This includes:

• Interconnect – national and international
• Roaming – national and international
• MVNO & MVNE Requirements
• Digital Content
• Broadband
• Invoicing
• Account Receivable

CapSettle can be used by every service provider, from the smallest VSP or MVNO to tier 1 operators handling billions of transactions daily.