Capana to host TADIG #77


Capana is very pleased to host the upcoming TADIG #77 plenary and welcome you to Sweden in May 2014.  The Plenary will be held near Gothenburg in the Scandinavian Spring.  The views are stunning so bring your cameras!

This is a very important event for all operators but especially European operators since it is only two months before the new EU Roaming Regulations III become active.

As a result, we are looking forward to high participation from a lot of European operators who will discuss and share their hopes, fears and experience regarding this subject.


TADIG (Transferred Account Data Interchange Group) is the working group of the GSM Association in charge of developing and maintaining specifications for the interchange of data between mobile operators. It produces format specifications, testing procedures, supporting material and recommends transfer mechanisms for TAP, RAP, NRTRDE (Near Real Time Roaming Data Exchange), RAEX (Roaming Agreement EXchange) OpData & IOT, EID (Electronic Invoicing Data), PNR (Payment Notification Report) and RTDR (Roaming Traffic Data Report).

About Capana

Capana is an independent, privately held software vendor founded in 2003. Today the company has over 100 employees based at our offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Ireland.

Our Wholesale Billing and Settlement solution CapSettle was designed from the beginning to empower the billing teams to manage all Wholesale Billing and Settlement requirements including Revenue Share, MVNO and certain Revenue Assurance & Retention requirements. The Capana success is built on our people. Our developers and engineers have a wealth of experience from work in Ericsson, EHPT, operators and other vendors. Many of our personnel were responsible for the wholesale billing successes such as Settler and Ericsson Roaming solutions. Today we are very proud of our continued success and service to our customers around the in all 5 continents.

Our customer base is continually growing with most of our customers based in Europe and Africa. CapSettle is today, the fastest growing wholesale system in the market due to high levels of customer satisfaction and trust and its reliability, flexibility and scalability. CapSettle development is continually influenced by customer requirements and GSMA standards compliance.

We are active participants in GSMA (BARG and TADIG) and ETSI bodies defining new standards and have developed partnerships with likeminded visionary organizations to explore new opportunities and drive innovation in the industry.

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