CapSettle – Wholesale Billing and Settlements

The wholesale business is evolving to meet wholesale agreement needs and marketing strategies. This is driven by end consumers demanding more interaction, control and personalization. For carriers and wholesale service providers, this means more complex partner agreements and business models which can be implemented quickly by the operator team. This requires a solution platform that is able to be managed by the operator and be flexible to cater for these requirements with high availability, scalability and optimized accuracy for cash flow contribution.

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CapSettle DR – Dynamic Reporting

CapSettle DR is an analysis and reporting solution optimized for exploring big data, and to uncover insights used to solve business problems in new ways. It provides the users with situational awareness, in-depth visibility into all aspects of the operational performances, measured against specific Key performance indicators (KPI:s) and allows the users to be more
informed in their decision making processes and forecasting opportunities.

CapSettle – Broadband Capacity Billing

Capanas solution for wholesale billing and settlement, CapSettle, now introduces support for Wholesale Broadband and Access Billing. It allows Broadband providers to bill for broadband access offered to other actors such as internet service providers (ISP), operators, virtual service providers (VSP), access providers and mobile virtual network operators (MVNO).

CapSettle Next Generation Broadband and Access Billing provides a cost effective and highly scalable platform that converge billing and partner settlement with assurance and business analysis, from the collection of router counter information to finished invoice.

CapSettle – Meter Data Usage Billing

Our solution for Meter Data Management follow the footsteps of our unique and highly recommended wholesale billing and settlement solution for Telecom operators, CapSettle. In a single solution, utilities will be able to accurately collect events from any smart grid data source, accumulated or usage based, and correct other anomalies using our built in mediation -and rule engine. The CapSettle Meter Data manager will validate, rate, enhance and format the data, and then distribute the result for further aggregation, statement and invoice generation as well as interfacing, all in near real time.

CapSettle – Roaming TAP Conversion

The 1st of May 2012, the GSM Association introduced the newest TAP standard, TAP 3.12 for all GSM mobile network operators. To be able to comply to this GSMA directive, operators have to decide on the most cost effective and simple way to implement it. It is up to you as an operator, to make sure you are compliant with the latest version of the TAP format. Should any of your partners send you a 3.12 file and this is not supported by your system, it is still up to you to make sure this is converter, one way or another.

We are offering you an alternative way forward to handle the challenges of a new TAP release without having to outsource TAP file conversion to expensive data clearing houses, update your existing solution or build a solution in-house.