TDC goes live with Capana’s CapAssure solution

Capana’s CapAssure solution using QlikTech software goes live at Danish mobile operator.

Today CAPANA, Danish QlikTech representatives specializing in user friendly analysis tools, handed over their CapAssure solution to the no. 1 mobile operator in Denmark, TDC Mobile. CapAssure is a WEB solution using the data analysis tool QlikView. This will improve the data analysis of all Revenue Assurance related activities of the company, especially analysis of large volume Call Detail Records passing through from the network to the billing system. Revenue Assurance can be defined as securing and optimizing the company’s revenues and correctness in any aspect.

The chosen solution CapAssure is based on QlikView 6.0 WEB, and is a solution specializing in analysis of large volumes of data from many different data sources and features state of the art drilling functionality. Analysis is done on any number of sources in the network-to-bill process chain. A data event can be a telephony CDR (call detail record), an SMS billing record (short message service) or anything else which a telecom operator’s system generates to track customer usage of their services.
In the TDC implementation, QlikView is a supplementary tool to the existing ERP systems. No expensive database storage is required because the QlikView WEB solution will provide fast analysis with sharing options within the company.

Peter Ferlev Jensby, TDC Mobile’s Revenue Assurance Manager, said “the implementation of the CapAssure and QlikTech products is a cost effective solution where standard analyses and ad hoc analyses designed and developed jointly by TDC Mobile and CAPANA will improve a number of areas. Together with our existing systems it brings TDC to the fore in confronting the Revenue Assurance issues facing leading mobile companies today. The pay back time was less than 1 month.”

Anders Frost, CEO of CAPANA added: “CapAssure enables on–the-fly state of the art analysis of all major “hot spots” in the billing process together with a cross system data assurance and balancing. What comes into the billing machine also comes out in form of a bill, and if it doesn’t, it is brought into the open. One key part of the solution is the fabulous analysis tool QlikView that besides “state of the art” analysis opportunities secures high return on investment due to rapid implementation time”

While CAPANA have an impressive track record in the Scandinavian mobile industry, this is the first implementation of CapAssure as a full WEB based solution at a mobile operator.