Telenor chooses Roaming Billing from Capana

Telenor Denmark is since June live with our Roaming Billing module in CapSettle. Telenor Denmark and Capana has a long history together and Telenor has for years taken advantage of the flexibility and powerful settlement engine for Interconnect.

Telenor Denmark is, since moving to CapSettle for Roaming, also running Near Real Time Roaming Data Exchange (NRTRDE) services through the same solution.

We are very happy that Telenor Denmark continues to select Capana and our services and we look forward to years of cooperation.

About Telenor Denmark

Telenor Group purchased the remaining equities of Danish telecom company Sonofon during 2003, and in 2005 continued their expansion in Denmark by buying Danish telecom and broadband company Cybercity. The companies were to function as separate companies but utilize the synergy on the market side to ensure greater growth. In 2009 Sonofon and Cybercity were grouped under the Telenor brand and today they provide services to over 2 million subscribers, which constitute a market share of 28 per cent.

Offerings include prepaid and contract mobile telephony, fixed telephony, and broadband services, both private and corporate. Services and networks are constantly being developed and Telenor makes massive investments into Danish telecom infrastructure every year.  In recent years, investments of approximately DKK 1 billion (€135 million) have been made.

Telenor Denmark is located in Copenhagen (HQ) and Aalborg where they employ over 2000 people. Throughout the entire Telenor Group, there are over 40.000 employees in 14 different countries.

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About the solution

Our Roaming Billing solution, CapSettle Roaming, handles the operator to operator settlements for traffic generated by roaming or service provider subscribers. This is done according to the standards set by the GSM Association (GSMA) through generation and processing of Transferred Account Procedures (TAP), as well as invoice and statement generation. The system is also equipped to handle the generation and exchange of Near Real Time Roaming Data Exchange (NRTRDE) files. NRTRDE is used in order to prevent fraudulent activity in the roaming network.

With CapSettle Roaming, we have taken our extensive experience from the roaming industry and developed a flexible solution based on the requirements of mobile operators.

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