CapSettle 3.9 released

A new release of CapSettle is now available for all customers. In CapSettle 3.9 we have introduced a completely new set of functionality driven from a new type of CapSettle agreement types, a Discount Commitment Agreement. We call this Discount and Commitment and it is a new functionality that is an major enhancement over the current Volume Discount functionality.

Discount and Commitment is a flexible feature that allows the user to define a volume-tier model for processed traffic where the volume can be based on usage, events or chargeable data. A number of actions can be triggered if a tier level is reached and the idea of Discount and Commitment is based on creating counters for any type of data such as number of calls, duration of calls, call charges, network usage, etc. These counters will be used to define rules for discounting, penalties and other actions and can be combined at various levels to support dynamic discount handling and discount aggregation in the settlements process towards your partners.


In addition to the above new functionality the CapSettle 3.9 release also includes improvements for Recurrent Charge Override Price, Recurrent Charge Advanced Search, File Collection and Provisioning.


For detailed information about the release, please contact your Customer Support contact to receive the official Release Notes.

Further information

Mikael Blomström

Head of R&D and Product Management

+46 735216181