VOICETEL selects Capana for Interconnect Billing

VOICETEL Limited has selected Capana and our Interconnect Billing System, CapSettle.

Mustafa Hussain, CTO VOICETEL Limited explains:

“CapSettle provides the most efficient wholesale billing solution while optimizing performance and positive cash flow. VOICETEL was impressed by the Capana approach which combined excellent technology, quality services combined with flexibility and commitment to the Bangladesh market”.

About Capana

Capana is a software and IT service company with many years of experience providing business critical systems to the telecommunication, utility and media industry. Our mission is to minimize complexity, bridge the gap between IT and business and constantly challenge the norms of problem solving.

Our telecommunication solutions include our suite for wholesale billing, CapSettle, which helps operators to cost-efficiently deploy fast and accurate traditional interconnect and roaming settlements, as well as next generation content services.

We deliver a multi scalable system, enabling any operator regardless of size to utilize all the functionality from the start or by simply activate more features as the company grows or required to by new business interests.

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