Working For CDRator

“Here in CDRator when we see a challenge we face it and cooperatively solve it. And that is where CDRator’s real strength lies, in its people. I work with very competent colleagues that provide an opportunity for mutual growth and development. That is why I still enjoy being here.”
Niels Elkjær Ejrnæs, Customer Team Technical Lead

Dynamic Environment with Development Opportunities

Niels came to CDRator as a Software Developer back in 2011. While Niels’ role has changed since then, what has stayed the same is his description of CDRator: a company with a straightforward culture made up of talented colleagues.

After his initial position as a Software Developer for Front End, Niels quickly jumped at the chance to use his skills as a developer within CDRator’s Professional Services Department. “In Front End, I was working on developing UI-support. This was fine, but after 6 months the opportunity came for me to code business processes directly for customers. Ultimately, this was more interesting for me; I enjoy being close to the product and customers at the same time.

I spent 2 years in Professional Services and later become a Group Lead for one of the teams. Then a position as Technical Lead for one of our Customer Teams opened up, which is what I am doing today. It’s a very broad and dynamic role that includes the authority for me to carry out my responsibilities and see them through to the end.

One of my own professional highlights was when I was driving a project for a core software upgrade a customer. I was able to directly refine what we had, which resulted in a product that went into production without major incident. This is a project that I am particularly proud of. “

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“I have always gotten support from my managers to try new things. For example, there’s an issue within a customer’s solution and I can see a new way to solve it, I can try out my ideas. My managers here have always supported my initiative, and that has allowed me to develop professionally.”
Anna Mihailava, Senior Application Consultant

Making it Happen within Telecommunications

“Telecommunications is close to real-life. The results of your work are very tangible. We develop new features, new products, new functionalities, new promotions and we get to see these developments before they hit the actual market. We get to see first-hand how it works, and that is exciting.”

These are a few of the reasons that Anna Mihailava still enjoys working at CDRator since starting back in December 2011. After spending two years in a very large organization in Denmark, Anna decided to make a switch after hearing about CDRator’s working environment.  “I had heard about the great working environment in CDRator and that’s what initially attracted me to apply. And it’s true. I knew little about the telecommunication industry, initially, and CDRator’s solution is technically complex. But I was able to get up to speed quickly because of the great sense of camaraderie and support. Everyone here was very helpful. You can ask anyone anything and they will do their best to help you.”

As for Anna’s role within CDRator? “I still find it interesting. I get to work in several areas, business analysis, project management and I also get to look at the code, so there is the technical aspect as well. I get to see our releases from initiation to deployment. That is the real benefit of working for a company our size, being able to work in such a multi-functional role.

Over the past year or so I have worked with one of our largest customers. They are a very big organization, on a different continent, with a very different company culture. Working with them, making sure their business transition was smooth was very challenging – but equally as rewarding. We were able to provide them with a smooth transition because here in CDRator we worked – cross-organizationally – to make it happen.”

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“Why did I come to work for CDRator? I knew someone working for the company and they highly recommended it as a nice place to be and where it was possible to get responsibility and close customers relations right from the start. This sounded like the place for me…”.
Lise Riisbjerg, Quality Assurance

Lots of responsibility and close customer relations right from the start

Lise was a newly qualified candidate from the IT University of Copenhagen and was looking for a SW-developer job. Within the first 6 months with CDRator, she was given sole responsibility for major customer-projects, and got a new career opportunity after just one year, where she was asked to take on the responsibility of CDRator’s QA department: “The top management assign us a task and then don’t interfere. They trust us to do the job, but they’re always there if we have any questions”. Furthermore, Lise enjoys traveling to customers all over the world – getting to meet them on their turf and in their conditions, “helps me understand their needs much better” Lise says.

CDRator flex-time and social environment is simply the best!

“Flex-time is simply the best” says Lise. “It is alpha omega for me that I am able to leave an hour earlier now and then if I have made private plans – but always taking customer considerations into account of course!”

Besides the professional challenges, Lise enjoys socializing with her colleagues, both in and outside working hours, and she can testify there is ample opportunity to get to know one’s CDRator colleagues through social outings and get-togethers.

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