Proactive Service Assurance via Closed Loop Predictive AI/ML

TM Forum Catalyst Project

May 14 - 16, 2019 | Nice, France

This Catalyst project was inspired by CSPs’ need to continuously improve their quality of service (QoS) while lowering operations and maintenance costs.

Today’s transforming networks are extremely complex, consisting of legacy and SDN/NFV infrastructure, and cannot be effectively managed manually. A new generation of Service Assurance software solutions is required to provide the automation needed.

Closed-Loop Automation via AI

Presenting the case for closed-loop automation via AI: Predict the events and related impacts on infrastructure and associated services, and automatically respond with corrective actions.

Our Catalyst project demonstrates advancement toward fully automated Service Assurance for evolving networks in digital transformation. The project works with actual network data and utilizes AI, predictive analysis, and knowledge-based self-learning. The output delivers automated issue resolution through machine-to-machine or machine-to-human interaction.

See our Catalyst in action

Interested to see how our solution will improve service quality and customer satisfaction, while reducing OpEx costs?  Pre-book a meeting with our team to see a demo of our project at the Catalyst Kiosk.