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Jinny Software Accelerates MMS in South-East Asia

Dublin, 15 February 2011, 9:00 a.m. GMT: Today Jinny Software announced the accelerated growth of the market-leading Jinny MMS solutions, with the deployment of its A2P MMS Optimiser solution in the innovative messaging markets of South-East Asia.

Jinny’s MMS solutions now support a market-leading 1,000 m/s figure on a single entry-level low-cost server. This brings new economy and a higher level of throughput – operators can scale up easily to several thousands of m/s, which can support even the largest carriers.

Support for rapid growth of MMS traffic
APAC and North America are currently the most dynamic regions regarding MMS usage, with APAC accounting for 70% of worldwide MMS traffic and North America 20%.

Developing markets in Asia will continue to drive the world growth in MMS traffic with growth of over 310% between 2010 and 2015 forecast by Informa Telecoms & Media, followed by North America with 300% growth.

“South-East Asia is a fast-paced market for MMS,” said Flavio Muscetra, Senior Product Manager at Jinny Software. “In this environment the Jinny A2P MMS Optimiser is helping operators to launch innovative real-time MMS services, including revenue-generating subscription services.”

Making MMS campaigns cost-effective
The Jinny A2P MMS Optimiser reduces the overall cost of delivering MMS messages, attracting more content providers and 3rd party creativity around rich multimedia services. This helps to augment P2P traffic, and often A2P MMS messages experience a viral spread amongst subscribers.

“Improving the cost-efficiency and effectiveness of A2P MMS traffic delivery including campaigns is not easy. There are many aspects to consider, most notably cost and performance. Legacy MMSCs are not optimised to distribute MMS messages to hundreds of thousands or more target subscribers within a short timeframe,” said Muscetra.

“Also, legacy MMSCs are often commercially and technically adapted to predictable P2P patterns. Delivering so many MMS messages without exceeding the license could take days or weeks, not to mention the technical difficulties of delivering very large campaigns. Upgrading the license of a legacy MMSC is not cost-effective, and the technical limitation of such architecture to scale to very high traffic levels pushes operators to consider innovative solutions.”

Learning to leverage the power of the mobile channel for advertising
Jinny’s solution for A2P MMS is a complete vertical offering, and embeds several tools such as the comprehensive Broadcast Manager, which helps the user to quickly create and run MMS-based campaigns. This accelerates the process execution from campaign creation to campaign delivery.

“In the context of mobile operator strategy for mobile advertising and marketing, rich media and multimedia messaging is proving a more and more effective channel. Return rates for an MMS campaign are three to five times higher than an SMS campaign in some markets.

“With its MMS portfolio, Jinny Software is helping operators in South-East Asia to sustain growth and launch innovative MMS services, while also supporting operators who re-launch MMS strategy in other regions. A2P MMS Optimiser is a tool we use to re-educate users about MMS, helping operators grow overall MMS traffic and eventually increase revenue from the whole MMS ecosystem,” concluded Muscetra.