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Jinny wins a number of new deals in Africa

DUBLIN, April 11, 2011– Jinny Software, a leading global supplier of messaging, call completion and mobile advertising solutions to wireless carriers, today announced the finalisation of several new contracts with African mobile operators for its Ringback Tone Server.

Ringback tones are media played on the line to callers (instead of a standard ring tone) when voice calls are being connected. This concept is becoming more and more popular and widespread across the African continent. The media can be anything from popular songs to paid advertisements – some mobile carriers even provide sporting match updates.  It is a potentially lucrative area for mobile operators; according to Juniper research, advertising within ringback services will exceed US$780 million annually by 2015.

Jinny customers in Africa have already achieved impressive revenues simply by marketing paid subscriptions for ringback tones to subscribers. In one case, an African mobile operator with around 500,000 people using its ringback tone service used SMS and newspaper adverts to communicate the service, which returned a constant monthly growth and revenues estimated at more than US$200,000 on average per month and culminating in more than US$2.4 million for the year.

“There are many great opportunities for mobile operators to drive revenues via ringback tones,” says Aniket Deuskar, Regional Sales Director at Jinny Software. “These new deals confirm Jinny as the leading provider of ringback tone servers in Africa, and underpin our strategy to help our customers innovate and add value to mobile services.”