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Jinny Software Announces 20th MVNO

DUBLIN, July 05, 2011– Jinny Software, a leading global supplier of messaging, call completion and mobile advertising solutions to wireless carriers, announced a deal to supply a next-generation VAS solution to a new Latin American MVNO, which will be the company’s 20th win in the virtual network operator space.

“Thanks to Jinny’s Standard Platform, a multi-tenant architecture and a highly-efficient set of tools for service launch and management, we continue to see potential across our key markets,” says Richard Choi, Jinny Chief Commercial Officer. “We have taken advantage of our deep knowledge of mobile VAS implementations and ability to deliver agile, comprehensive and cost-effective VAS solutions to virtual network operators around the world.”

Key strategic and technology decisions have focused Jinny’s growth on the MVNO and MVNE sectors. Jinny’s VAS portfolio is ideally positioned to address the virtual operator segment because the design of the product suite facilitates multi-tenant hosting – where more than one operator resides on a single implementation – and because the Jinny service creation and management tools give the MVNO the power to launch and change service innovations quickly and easily.

VAS for the MVNO

All of Jinny’s VAS products are developed on a standard platform where a single hardware suite, a single OS and database and a single set of middleware tools mean that VAS applications can be launched and added easily for one or more operators at a time. Also, the VAS suite facilitates management with single points of integration to the host mobile operator and single points of access and connection for billing, reporting and service configuration.

Whether the MVNO is implementing its own VAS and network assets or has chosen to use the service of a mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE), Jinny’s solutions will support that business and facilitate the rapid launch of services in the market. Over the last few years, Jinny has delivered several multi-tenant VAS solutions to MNOs and MVNEs that support multiple MVNOs and has also delivered VAS and network solutions to self-managing MVNOs. Recognising the growth in this market segment, Jinny continues to invest in developing innovations and tailoring products for both the MVNE and MVNO operator profiles.

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