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Jinny Software Delivers Total VAS Solution for RCA Carriers


DUBLIN, September 13, 2011– Jinny Software, a leading global supplier of messaging, call completion and mobile advertising solutions to wireless carriers, today announces a unique solution that will enable rural carriers a simplified way to implement and grow next-generation VAS applications. Jinny ViO – VAS-in-One – allows the carrier to source all VAS from a single provider. From next generation messaging and call completion solutions to revenue generating applications such as Ring Back Tone and from configuration management through OTA device management to CMAS, Jinny ViO provides the carrier with the complete VAS in a Box solution.

Solution enables reduced costs

The Everest Research Institute has estimated that recurring costs can be reduced by 20-25% by using fewer suppliers[1]. The key drivers of this are less effort by the buyer to manage supplier relationships and delivery plus better optimized resourcing from suppliers.

“Where a single supplier delivers all VAS applications as part of a coherent, well-packaged solution, the mobile operator will clearly lower costs in setting up and managing supplier relationships. As the relationship deepens and the VAS supplier and carrier marketing and technical teams collaborate more on service innovation, the carrier will be able to create more services that will differentiate the mobile brand in the market or take advantage of niche opportunities for subscriber acquisition and growth,” explains Cathal O’Toole, Jinny Senior Product Manager.

Creative pricing structures for constrained budgets

Selecting a single supplier isn’t the only way that costs can be managed. IBM recommends that CIOs work with suppliers that can provide creative pricing structures that enable essential business transformation to continue despite severely constrained IT budgets[2].

“Built on a standard platform, Jinny ViO allows easy implementation of all our VAS applications to the carrier enabling new services to be launched rapidly. Our flexible approach to pricing is a great advantage to a carrier looking to reduce costs. Given that our rural customers are experiencing reduced ARPUs and increased customer acquisition costs. Our rollout of Jinny ViO across North America’s rural regions is a reflection of our commitment to the success of our customers,” says Fintan Supple, Jinny Regional Sales Director.

[1] The Hidden Costs and Complexity of Managing Multiple ADM Suppliers, Eric Simonson, Everest Research Institute

[2] Doing more with even less: today and tomorrow, IBM