Jinny Welcomes ITU Move to Focus on Green Telecoms

On Monday the ITU called for a global methodology to assess the environmental impact of ICTs on the same week that The Climate Group launched the three-year Clean Revolution campaign during the Opening Ceremony of Climate Week NYC. Reducing energy consumption in the IT and communications industries is key to the green agenda and many companies are making it a top priority. Jinny, with the launch of ViO – VAS-in-One, is making it easier for mobile operators to achieve substantial improvements in their ‘green’ performance.

Sharing Resources, Reducing Footprint

Jinny ViO – the entire VAS portfolio delivered on a single standard platform – is a major industry break-through that delivers many efficiencies and economies for operators looking to improve their commercial and environmental performance. By sharing network and management resources – from signaling cards to media connections, from billing interconnect gateways to reporting and intelligence applications – Jinny ViO ensures that all VAS applications share and re-use hardware elements and software applications. For example, Jinny’s VAS applications can employ a single SIU to support MAP and ISUP signaling for an SMSC and a voicemail service respectively. Indeed, Jinny ViO can support SMS, USSD, IN, Voicemail, ringback tones and many other services on a single SIU. Looking at external efficiencies, Jinny’s applications optimize their interconnection points such as, for example, where all of Jinny’s VAS applications share a single Real Time Charging Gateway for on-line billing and this RTCG is the single point of interconnect with the operators’ billing systems.

To further reduce the size of the solution and the data centre footprint, Jinny ViO can be virtualized on standard servers or can be deployed on an optimized blade architecture. Allowing many VAS applications to sit together on a single server pair or single blade chassis, cuts down on required cooling, power and real estate costs which is better for the operator and better for the planet.

ENERGY STAR ® Hardware

Jinny ViO is not just green in its design, but it also employs the most energy-efficient components. The carrier- class servers from HP are ENERGY-STAR-®-qualified and so reduce energy costs and help protect the environment without sacrificing features or performance. Products that earn the ENERGY STAR ® prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. HP ENERGY-STAR-®-qualified products produce less heat and reduce cooling loads by about 15%, and up to 30% in warmer climates, and use about half as much electricity.

Jinny ViO – VAS for the Long Term

As a VAS provider with a proven track record in the delivery of VAS solutions for over 11 years, Jinny is delighted to be able to contribute to improving the performance of the ICT industry in meeting climate change targets. Jinny ViO, with its focus on resource sharing and efficient design, is leading VAS improvements that will reduce effects on the environment for generations to come.

Jinny Software - Your Partner in Going Green




Author: Patrick Dillon, Jinny COO