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Jinny’s Diameter Router optimises usage and reduces costs of Online Charging Systems

DUBLIN, May 29 2013
– Jinny Software, a leading global supplier of messaging, rich communications and signalling management solutions to wireless carriers has introduced a new set of smart functionalities to its Diameter Router solution aiming at reducing the costs of online charging for mobile network operators.

Today’s versatile Online Charging Systems (OCS) enable mobile network operators to implement sophisticated charging scenarios, including bundles, promotions and special packages.  However, most OCS today typically also process large quantities of real-time transactions that generate no revenue, but incur considerable license fee costs.

To optimise the load on Online Charging Systems and to optimise the costs of licensing these systems, Jinny Software has added additional “smarts” to its Diameter Router, so that charging transactions that do not generate revenue are not routed to, or processed by, the OCS. Jinny’s Diameter Router with these smart OCS offload features can generate substantial OCS license fee savings.

Max Wilkie, CEO Jinny Software concluded “In an increasingly high competitive marketplace, Jinny’s Diameter Online Charging System Offload allows mobile operators to operate more efficiently than ever, while at the same time provides the flexibility to respond immediately to competitive propositions within their marketplace.”


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