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CCA Annual Convention, Las Vegas – 15-18 September 2013

Our North American team – Michael Gulledge, VP of Sales North America, Fintan Supple, VP of Sales Europe & Americas and Rory O’Dea, Technical Sales will be attending the CCA Annual Convention from Sunday Sept 15th to Wednesday Sept 18th. We will be located at Booth 317.

In 4G networks subscribers will still browse the internet, stream music and video, send email and messages and make calls. The big difference for the carrier is that subscribers will do more of everything and do it using wireless data.
Once subscribers tap into the vastly superior data speeds and bandwidth of LTE and advanced LTE, the operator gives up some control and visibility of the services they are using.

Dumb Pipe or Smart Service?

Even operators who don’t launch VoLTE may soon find their subscribers’ voice and message traffic migrating to the data plane, thanks to OTT. The more subscribers use such services, the less relevant their operator’s services become.


Vavoomb: RCS 5.1 ….and then some!

Jinny’s Vavoomb is a Rich Communications solution designed to enable operators launch their own Smart Calling and Messaging services, which go beyond what any OTT service can offer. With Vavoomb, competitive carriers can offer subscribers a single-number, multi-device, rich communications experience, which interworks not only with IP-based clients but also with circuit-switched services.

Leveraging all aspects of the carrier’s existing triple- or quad-play offerings, these services help re-capture the imagination of subscribers and drive business growth.

Vavoomb subscribers can be available for Smart Calling and Smart Messaging services across all devices simultaneously, be they smartphones, tablets or PCs connected via LTE, 3G, WiFi or Ethernet. And their mobile number is the key identifier for all services.

Smart Messaging: Combining the Rich with the Reach

Jinny Smart Messaging enables operators to launch their own branded, Smart Messaging service to counter the threat of OTT messaging and extend the reach of their services across all networks and platforms. Subscribers enjoy a unified messaging experience that combines the richness of RCS with the reach of SMS.
Enable your subscriber to:
• exchange messages with any other mobile subscriber (via IM or SMS)
• see all their messages (IM &SMS) in a single threaded view
• send and receive messages simultaneously via any online client and platform (Smartphone, Tablet or PC)

Subscribers need never feel they are excluding friends with older devices. The service uses the most appropriate delivery mechanism available at any point in time and synchronizes the inbox across all clients.

Jinny Diameter Control: Managing the Growth of Data Usage

The high-quality, data-intensive services being launched on 4G networks are driving unpredictable usage patterns and introducing risk to the scale and timing of investment decisions. Our Diameter Signalling Management solutions offer the means to load-balance, optimize and protect the network from the burgeoning demand for data services.

Email to arrange a suitable time to meet up at The CCA Annual Convention. We’ll be at Booth 317 so stop on by to check out demonstrations of VAVOOMB and discuss the following areas of relevance that are key to your business :

Jinny helps you stay competitive in the 4G Value Chain
Smart Messaging: Combining the Rich with the Reach
Jinny Diameter Control: Managing the Growth of Data Usage