4G Communications: Have We Seen It All Before?

As ever more 4G networks are rolled out and the analysts, futurists and gurus of the mobile space predict seismic shifts in the behaviour and habits of mobile subscribers, I have a nagging feeling that I have seen this all before.

We are told that subscribers will have HD-quality video calls and video conferences wirelessly, that they will stream HD movies and TV to their mobile handsets, that their coffee machines will detect the signal of their handset (or watch) and automatically dispense a cappuccino with just the right amount of sugar and a light dusting of chocolate powder. Books and newspapers become things of the past as everyone strolls about with hand-held computers no larger or heavier than a paperback edition of the Great Gatsby. But we have seen all of this before, haven’t we?

All of these communication concepts were introduced in 1962 and since then we’ve just been waiting for the networks and gadgets to catch up. Not only did George Jetson take video calling, wireless clothing and wireless M2M communications for granted, he also had a flying car! (There’s one industry that’s taking its time. And no bad thing!)

Perhaps, it did not occur to the show’s creators that some aspects of the Jetson age would arrive before others (it makes for a cleaner story) or that the Jetsons would share their world with the Flintstones. (Interestingly, when Hanna-Barbera released their Jetsons Meet the Flinstones movie in 1987, it was Fred who had the tablet!)

Fed Up Waiting for Jetson-Age Communications?

After waiting 50 years for the gadgets and networks that deliver the convenient communication of George & Jane’s world, the same folks who previously advised operators to wait for IMS, VoLTE, and RCS (Joyn is not it!) now encourage you to invest in them, regardless of the return.

The guys who are not listening to such advice are the OTT Service providers, who don’t need IMS or RCS to churn mobile and landline subscribers to their calling and messaging services. OTT does not wait!

The risk for competitive carriers (even if they do launch IMS for VoLTE or RCS) is that their subscribers’ wireless call and message traffic may migrate to OTT services over the data plane they themselves provide on LTE, 3G, WiFi and copper.

Wait No Longer – Launch Your Own OTT+++

Jinny’s Vavoomb is a Rich Communications solution designed to enable operators to launch their own branded Smart Calling and Messaging services, which go way beyond what OTT services can offer. With Vavoomb competitive carriers can offer subscribers a single-number, multi-device, rich communications experience, which interworks not only with IP-based clients but also with circuit-switched voice and messaging services (SMS).

Leveraging all aspects of the carrier’s existing triple- or quad-play offerings, these services re-capture the imagination of subscribers and drive business growth.

Vavoomb subscribers are available for Smart Calling and Smart Messaging services across all devices simultaneously, be they smartphones, tablets or PCs connected via LTE, 3G, WiFi or Ethernet. And their mobile number is the key identifier for all services.

It is available as a pre-IMS deployment or if you lease or already own an IMS core as a fully RCS interoperable solution. But wait no longer. The future is now!