Collect Call

Product Overview

Product Overview

Jinny’s Collect Call platform offers the flexibility for prepaid subscribers to initiate and make calls even if they do not have sufficient credit to do so. With the use of one of the available interfaces, prepaid subscribers can initiate a call on behalf of the On-Net called party whether the called party is prepaid or postpaid.

Implementing a collect call service in your network boosts call completion while guaranteeing your subscriber’s satisfaction by offering a new service that aids them in generating more calls with the support of other subscribers’ accounts.

Key Benefits

Operator benefits

  • Attract new subscribers from your competitors’ network
  • Increase call completion and revenues
  • Boost subscriber satisfaction
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Cost-effective expansion
  • Gain a competitive edge over other players in your market

Subscriber benefits

  • Ability to make a mobile collect call from virtually any mobile phone; not a handset-dependent service
  • Ability to make calls even when out of credit
  • Higher control through blacklists and white lists

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