Voice & Video Mail

Product Overview

Product Overview

The Jinny Voice & Video Mail system is a carrier-class centralised voice and video messaging system, which collects messages that callers leave for each other. It boosts call completion by reporting unanswered, incomplete and non-billable voice and video calls to subscribers. Operators can drive up ARPU by ensuring that more calls are answered or returned.

A caller to the Jinny Voice & Video Mail system will be answered by a personalised greeting and invited to leave a message. The subscriber can be notified of messages in a variety of ways depending on preference. Jinny Video Mail is a feature-rich personalised video mail service for 3G video users, helping them realise the potential of video telephony services. If a video call is not answered – the called party is busy, out of 3G coverage or not available – it will be forwarded to the Video Mail service. The caller will see the subscriber’s personalised video greeting and can then leave a video message. Voice & Video Mail are available in one unified service, so users do not need a separate mailbox for voice and video messages.

Key Benefits

  • Increase loyalty and lower churn
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Flexible, scalable and reliable

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