Giving Something Back: Jinny Software donates $6000 to Kenyan Organisation Zabibu Centre

Jinny Software recently took part in a rewarding community building initiative alongside the Safaricom Foundation where Jinny donated KES 510,000 to Zabibu Centre, a residential and learning institution for children with special needs and disabilities based in Nairobi, Kenya. (more…)

4G Communications: Have We Seen It All Before?

As ever more 4G networks are rolled out and the analysts, futurists and gurus of the mobile space predict seismic shifts in the behaviour and habits of mobile subscribers, I have a nagging feeling that I have seen this all before.


Jinny Software and customer, ClearSky, feature in June’s edition of Business World Magazine

An article featuring ClearSky, industry-leading innovator of services and customer of Jinny Software, was published in June’s edition of Business World Magazine. (more…)

Blog post: How Mobile Carriers Can Leverage Mobile Advertising Platforms to Increase Revenue

Eddie Callaghan, Jinny’s Mobile Advertising Development Manager, publishes a guest blog on Wireless Design & Development:

With the increased demand of mobile video, mobile music, data, and the convergence of these services with social media platforms, the mobile phone market is growing rapidly. But the move toward these services leaves mobile carriers struggling with falling ARPU and the potential of being relegated to bit-pipe providers. Read more

Jinny Releases White Paper Outlining Solution for Mobile Operators Countering OTT Threat

Jinny Software’s latest white paper quantifies the issue of OTT competition and gives a practical strategy for mobile operators