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How much mobile fraud goes under your Radar?

Mobile Operators are involved in a constant cat-and-mouse struggle with fraudsters who continually alter attack points and tactics in their efforts to make a quick (and dishonest) buck. However, as new fraud channels evolve and detection methods are developed, the old ones are rarely abandoned. Fraudsters will apply them to different networks or return to tried and tested fraud. This is especially so if they think an operator has dropped their guard or complicit “partners” can undermine detection.

A Smart Approach to Signalling Challenges on the Road to LTE

This white paper was written by Flavio Muscetra, Senior Product Manager at Jinny Software who specialises in Diameter Signalling Management. It explains the challenges mobile operators are facing today in the signalling control space, provides the proper knowledge to approach these challenges and highlights the most common scenarios in which a Diameter Signalling Controller can help mobile operators overcome those challenges.

A Smart Approach to Signalling Challenges on the Road to LTE

VAS Consolidation, Virtualisation and The Cloud

This whitepaper discusses how consolidating legacy platforms can help mobile operators retain profitability in the face of declining relevance of traditional value added services. It explains how a changing business environment and competitive challenges are going to increase the urgency of consolidation, it shall highlight the technological advances that enable massive efficiency gains through virtualisation and cloud computing and it will lay out a framework for mobile operators on how to go about their consolidation plans.

VAVOOMB WhitePaper Business Case v1 5 VAS Consolidation, Virtualisation and The Cloud


For Mobile Operators everywhere traditional revenue streams of VAS and Voice are increasingly under attack from the OTT Voice and IP messaging services that are growing in popularity. Industry analysts Informa estimate that a 10% increase in smart phone penetration could cost Western European operators US$1.19 billion in voice and messaging revenues whilst a report by Ovum states that “Social messaging apps cost networks $13.9billion in lost revenue in 2011”.

However a more serious threat is emerging as highlighted by a recent survey from NSN which states 40% of mobile broadband subscribers are unhappy with the quality of their mobile broadband service and are planning to move to another operator this year. The key message here is that mobile broadband services are indistinguishable apart from price and hence users have little loyalty and no problems switching providers.

Read this whitepaper in full to see how you can address these challenges.

The Business Case for Vavoomb

Recent events in the Middle East have demonstrated the power of social networking and how this can unite the community into action. Will these events be the catalyst for social and economic change – if so what will be the long term effect of these events within the telecommunications industry? The immediate impact has been for regulators to impose monitoring capabilities on licensed service providers and the blocking of unlicensed OTT providers. Operators and regulators have a choice – continue blocking or harness the power of OTT services and succeed in the IP telephony revolution.

Download our whitepaper “Harness the power of IP based telecoms” to read in full.

Vavoomb Middle East