How much mobile fraud goes under your Radar

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How much mobile fraud goes under your Radar?

Mobile FraudMobile Operators are involved in a constant cat-and-mouse struggle with fraudsters who continually alter attack points and tactics in their efforts to make a quick (and dishonest) buck. However, as new fraud channels evolve and detection methods are developed, the old ones are rarely abandoned. Fraudsters will apply them to different networks or return to tried and tested fraud. This is especially so if they think an operator has dropped their guard or complicit “partners” can undermine detection.

John Hurley, our Chief Product Manager, has recently created a whitepaper entitled “How much mobile fraud goes under your Radar?”.

This white paper:

  • explains the challenges mobile operators are facing today in controlling and restricting fraud
  • provides the proper knowledge to approach these challenges
  • highlights the most common types of Fraud and how these can be addressed

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