Operator Challenges

Ensuring Profitability  of Core Services

With competitive pressures on Voice and VAS services at an all-time high, operators are challenged with lower ARPU, rising customer acquisition costs, increasing customer churn and decreasing margins.

For mobile operators to remain profitable and competitive they must deliver engaging services while ensuring a good return on investment.

Staying Relevant in a Changing Value Chain

In a smartphone world, subscriber mindshare has moved into the domain of the app store, the wireless internet and an open field of over-the- top  services.

This loss of control leaves network operators vulnerable to new types of competition and to erosion of “perceived” customer value.  Internet-based communications service providers, device manufacturers and mobile app providers are disrupting established value chains.

Managing the Transition to 4G Networks

As networks evolve from 2G and 3G to 4G, operators need to invest in technologies that are truly future-proof and ensure continuity of services across all parts of the multi-mode network.

New technologies and services bring unpredictable usage patterns and introduce risk into the scale and timing of investment decisions.


Protecting Subscribers and Securing the Mobile Network

Mobile Operators need to protect their subscribers and network from SPAM, Fraud and malicious traffic. Each operators situation is different so a bespoke solution is required to secure and protect the network.

SmartGuard is the solution from Jinny Software that has been proven to address these issues and save revenue for mobile Operators across the Globe.