Ensuring Profitability of Core Services

Operator Challenges

With competitive pressures on Voice and VAS services at an all-time high, operators are challenged with lower ARPU, rising customer acquisition costs, increasing customer churn and decreasing margins.

For mobile operators to remain profitable and competitive they must deliver engaging services while ensuring a good return on investment.

Addressing the Challenges

Reduce costs and earn new revenues through increased efficiency in managing SMS traffic.

Embrace new deployment models: reduce costs and risks through multi-product, multitenant, private-cloud or classic-cloud deployments.

Implement flexible call routing to grow revenues, extend call completion offering.

How Jinny can help

Whether as new investments or as replacements for under-performing legacy infrastructure, Jinny’s platforms and services deliver world-beating return on investment.

Each of Jinny ‘s core VAS products is designed to deliver superlative performance at a highly competitive price. Over and above this, Jinny offers a range of flexible deployment and ownership models that enable operators to make savings across the board. Where margins on traditional services are pinched, operators increasingly see the benefits of getting their VAS “in one shop” and Jinny provides a range of VAS platforms that are second to none.

The Jinny VAS-in-One (ViO™) suite of applications offers industry-leading capital & operational return on investment. It supports traditional messaging and call-completion services as well as newer  rich communications services on the latest high-performance, low-power, industry standard servers.

Virtualisation and unified O&M management provide power and capacity on demand, allowing the smallest operator to scale up and the largest operators to scale capacity on demand.

Jinny’s cloud-based solutions enable operator groups to consolidate their VAS with a consistent low-OPEX approach across all networks and offer individual operators the ability to rapidly launch essential or extended VAS services with no investment in equipment and minimal deployment time.

Jinny’s Message Router and Call Router based solutions help to optimise network traffic, reducing resource utilisation and increasing throughput while protecting subscribers and network integrity. A range of router deployment options help operators to minimise costs and increase ROI from established and newly deployed infrastructure investments.

Additionally, Jinny provides advanced filtering solutions that protect networks from fraud and overload while also protecting subscribers from malicious or unwanted content or calls.