Cloud Messaging

Computing has gone through the transition from standalone servers in the network to virtualisation and now to Cloud infrastructure.

The ability to avail of computing and storage in increasingly smaller increments to exactly suit business needs is one of the biggest technological shifts of our time.

It has enabled companies big and small to operate service platforms without owning any physical equipment leading to ever accelerating innovation, faster time to market of new services and significant reduction of total cost of operation.

At the same time, operators with their own private cloud infrastructure have seen massively reduced OPEX and benefit from significant economies of scale. Every year, more and more operators are looking to consolidate different core messaging and other VAS platforms to capitalise on this trend, driven by a need to optimise and streamline processes so as to retain profitability in the face of increasing competition and regulatory challenges.

Jinny Software’s cloud services are built on our industry leading virtualisation capabilities and experience in managing a diverse range of different VAS platforms. Our ViO (TM) platform offering has evolved from an industry leading single virtualised solution that can run multiple platforms in a single installation, with our operations and management console offering a unified way of managing VAS in the network, to a fully cloud-hosted platform that can serve multiple operating entities from one single Cloud Manager dashboard.

The unrelenting competitive pressure from incumbent operators and new entrants, as well as the success of new OTT services, are increasing the downward pressure on traditional VAS revenue for mobile operators.

As a result of this decline, carriers face a dilemma: roll out new services to stay competitive and retain subscribers on high-margin service bundles, or reduce the cost base of ‘traditional’ value added services.

Leveraging our capabilities and our experience with traditional messaging platform, our MMS-as-a- service offers an innovative solution to operators who are seeing declines in traditional multi-media messaging and are looking to outsource the service and operation of the platform.

Jinny’s MMS-as-service lets operators achieve the important strategic objective of reducing their cost base by only buying the required capacity and by outsourcing the operation of the MMS platform in the cloud, freeing up internal resources to focus on more rewarding strategic projects.