Cloud MMSC

Product Overview

Product Overview

Jinny Software’s Cloud MMSC is the perfect solution for telecom operators that need to offer MMS but don’t want to have a big CAPEX outlay and that want capacity on demand instead of paying for larger RTU licenses. Our Cloud MMSC enables carriers to buy MMS-as-a-service where the platform is hosted in the cloud and the connectivity is delivered from outside the operator’s network; the operator only pays for the connectivity on the basis of the number of active subscribers each month.

Instead of assigning and deploying a team to manage the system, the mobile operator can focus resources on developing and rolling out new services.

The Cloud MMSC functions just like a normal MMSC – the subscriber’s customer experience will be as seamless as before. The platform is a fully featured Multi-media Messaging Service Centre with all the bells and whistles but none of the strings and hassles. The Cloud MMSC is built on Jinny’s industry leading MMSC: a highly scalable message service platform, built to open standards and is interoperable with mobile networks including GSM, CDMA, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSxPA and LTE. It has a modular architecture that makes it possible for mobile operators to increase capacity on demand, and it can be scaled up or down virtually without limitation at short notice.

Key Benefits

  • No more CAPEX
  • Increased profitability of legacy messaging service
  • Radically lower OPEX
  • Allocate savings to more strategic projects
  • No more budget wasted on unused capacity and no more financial penalties for breaching capacity limits

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