A2P MMS Optimiser

Product Overview

Product Overview

The Jinny Application-to-Person MMS Optimiser provides a solution for operators seeking to harness the power of multi-media to market in a cost-effective way.  The Jinny A2P MMS Optimiser makes it possible to achieve a high message throughput on a single node, keeping license costs affordable.

The Optimiser includes a Broadcast Manager, which is an advanced application that can be used to create and run MMS-based marketing campaigns. Jinny’s solution for A2P MMS Optimisation posts message content only once to the MMS delivery engine. Content providers have their own dedicated web console and accounts controlled by the administrator.

The Optimiser’s Broadcast Manager includes campaign scheduling and campaign monitoring, along with a rich set of reports that will optimise marketing decisions. The Jinny A2P MMS Optimiser plus Broadcast Manager helps mobile operators to keep MMSC license costs under control while also benefiting from a high performance system designed to deliver large MMS broadcasts without impacting existing person-to-person MMS traffic.

Key Benefits

  • Save on license costs
  • Accelerate MMS campaign delivery
  • Manage and monitor MMS campaigns in real time

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