SMS Router

Product Overview

Product Overview

The Jinny SMS Router provides comprehensive business logic for the control and routing of SMS as well as maximising delivery of SMS. It supports a vast range of solutions that minimise the costs, maximise the efficiency and the security of SMS delivery.

Whereas the core functionality of an SMSC is always required, some enhanced SMS handling can only be performed outside the main SMSC infrastructure of the network. Where an operator has SMSCs from multiple vendors, Jinny’s SMS router can help balance the load across them or harmonise special processing such as filtering or personalisation.

Other tasks, such as fake detection, while not impossible for an SMSC, are best performed on a separate system, so as not to overburden the SMSC with extraneous tasks or unknown volumes of messaging. As a detached, lightweight component in the SMS architecture, the Jinny SMS Router represents an ideal node on which to perform enhanced handling of SMS, which might otherwise jeopardise the performance or security of the SMSCs that process revenue-generating MO and AO SMS.

Key Benefits

  • Easily scalable SMS performance
  • Customer & brand protection
  • Differentiate through innovative and personalised SMS services
  • Future-proof the SMS architecture

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