Product Overview

Product Overview

The Jinny SMSC is one of the most widely deployed SMSC’s across the globe. Our customers have chosen it because of its reliability,  high capacity and scalability. Jinny provide the SMSC as a flexible solution, offering unbeatable reliability and relevance in the smartphone era. This next-generation solution enables you to share components, centralise functions, and reduce complexity and costs, while at the same time enabling the launch of new services that help keep your customers engaged. With extension modules to integrate with Jinny’s Smart Messaging service and with IMS messaging services, Jinny’s SMSC enables wireless network operators to position themselves for evolution to the next generation of mobile messaging services and technologies. It also supports a wide range of personalisation services features that help operators to boost customer loyalty and messaging revenues:

Key Benefits

  • Future-proof investment
  • RCS 5.1 Integration
  • Feature-rich SMSC
  • Flexible licensing

Want to know more?

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