Managing the Transition to 4G Networks

Operator Challenges

As networks evolve from 2G and 3G to 4G, operators need to invest in technologies that are truly future-proof and ensure continuity of services across all parts of the multi-mode network.

New technologies and services bring unpredictable usage patterns and introduce risk into the scale and timing of investment decisions.

Addressing the Challenges

Protect your network and manage the Diameter signalling storm resulting from burgeoning data services in LTE networks.

Ensure service continuity and interworking for the most pervasive of all messaging services (SMS) within IP (IMS) networks.

Optimise the messaging architecture, signalling and costs with our 4G Message Centre.

How Jinny can help

The deployment of LTE (Long Term Evolution) networks is already revolutionising how people use mobile broadband. Its all-IP architecture, efficiency, and bandwidth flexibility promise to improve the overall economics of the network, reducing both the cost of bandwidth use for subscribers and costs related to transport, cell sites, and related service expenditure for operators.

However, the new 4G networks and the service offerings that are being launched over them are driving unpredictable usage patterns and introducing risk into the scale and timing of investment decisions.

In 4G networks, traditional SS7 signalling is replaced by Diameter and SIP signalling. Because Diameter Signalling is the glue that binds various elements in the control plane of LTE networks, this signalling traffic is growing at a rate that far outstrips the exponential growth in data traffic. Today these new networks are being threatened by veritable signalling storms.
Jinny’s Diameter Routing solutions are designed to meet and exceed the challenges of this network evolution. Our Diameter Router can be deployed to ensure Diameter Signalling is optimised and scales across these new networks.

Additionally our IP SM Gateway and 4G Message Centre ensure continuity of messaging services across all parts of your evolving multi-modal network.