4G Message Centre

Product Overview

As wireless operators launch IMS networks to support VoLTE in their transition to all-IP services, they must provide interworking with SMS in 2G & 3G networks, for continuity of customer service and satisfaction. For Wireless Operators who wish to replace their legacy SMSC or who already have a Jinny SMSC, the 4G Message Centre (4GMC) represents the ideal solution to ensure the continued success and interoperability of the SMS service.

Offering native integration with IMS networks, Jinny’s 4GMC enables wireless operators to position themselves for evolution to the next generation of mobile messaging services based on the ultimate Mobile Data Network. The 4GMC includes all logic to support procedures such as:

  • Transport-level interworking with encapsulated SMS
  • Service-level interworking with IM (SIMPLE & CPM)
  • Domain Selection
  • Home Network Routing
  • 3rd-party Registration

Having both IMS SIP (3GPP or 3GPP2) and MAP (GSM or CDMA) interfaces, the 4GMC establishes itself simultaneously in the IMS and Circuit Switched networks, which provides it with significant advantages over solutions based on IP-SM gateways:

  • No additional hardware required (no new physical nodes)
  • Simplified network topology (no new logical nodes)
  • Simplified, optimised signalling for each interworking event
  • No upgrade of HLR required

Supporting all of the features and functionality of the classic Jinny SMSC, as well as those of the IP-SM Gateway, the 4GMC truly offers the most efficient solution for the transition to 4G messaging.

Key Benefits

  • 4G-Ready SMSC
  • Reduces CAPEX
  • Optimises signalling
  • Enhances functionality
  • Feature-rich SMSC
  • Proven, stable & flexible

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