Product Overview

Product Overview

With the imminent launch of VoLTE, the transition to the 4G all-IP network is well underway.  However, SMS, based on circuit-switched technology, is still the most pervasive mobile messaging service in the world. As wireless operators launch IMS/LTE networks alongside their 2G & 3G networks, they must provide interworking with SMS for continuity of customer service and satisfaction. Even operators launching pure 4G networks cannot afford to ignore SMS interworking as their customers still need to communicate with contacts on legacy networks.

The Jinny IP SM Gateway enables wireless operators launching IMS/LTE networks to extend the reach of their text-based communications to the many millions of subscribers still using SMS in 2G & 3G networks. The Gateway acts as a bridge for messaging technology between the all-IP networks of LTE & IMS and circuit-switched 2G/3G networks.

Compliant with the interworking procedures of both 3GPP and 3GPP2 standards, the Jinny IP-SM Gateway ensures seamless interworking between IMS messaging services and SMS in ANSI CDMA and GSM environments.

The solution inherits from Jinny’s feature-rich SMS solutions many advanced and flexible routing capabilities that help optimise the usage of legacy messaging centres and a feature set that  differentiates it in the new network domain. It includes the Jinny Rules Engine, which supports advanced message filtering, personalisation of message delivery and the insertion of mobile adverts.

This solution gives operators an effective way to introduce SMS in next-generation networks and provide a smooth integration with legacy messaging services.

Key Benefits

  • Transport-level interworking
  • Service-level interworking with IM (SIMPLE & CPIM)
  • Domain Selection
  • Home Network Routing
  • SIP 3rd-party Registration
  • Any Time Modification towards HLR (if not combined with HSS)

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