Diameter Signalling Management

The growing use of mobile broadband dongles, smartphones and tablets on mobile networks is  driving a massive increase in data traffic which is managed via signalling protocols. As data traffic grows exponentially, so too does the signalling traffic, at a much faster rate.

In 4G networks, Diameter has outgrown its roots as an online charging protocol. In LTE and IMS networks, Diameter Signalling replaces legacy signalling protocols for mobility and charging control with a single flexible protocol. The convergence to a single signalling protocol simplifies the signalling landscape. However, it does not reduce the complexity of the signalling flows between the network elements.

With new LTE networks going live every month and with LTE set to replace legacy networks in the coming years, Diameter has assumed a pivotal role as a signalling protocol. As a consequence, Diameter Signalling traffic today is growing faster than originally predicted, creating new bottlenecks and signalling management pain points in the networks.

Today, Diameter Signalling Control solutions are required to manage network scalability, protocol interworking, traffic management, load balancing, intelligent traffic routing and appropriate charging for a multitude of data services.

Jinny’s Diameter Signalling Control solutions are designed to meet and exceed the challenges of this network evolution. Our Diameter Router can be deployed to ensure Diameter signalling is optimised and scales across evolving networks.

The Diameter Router can perform all, or any combination of, the following Diameter Signalling Control and Management functions:

Diameter Routing Agent

Diameter Edge Agent

Diameter Load Balancer

Diameter Gateway/Interworking Function