Diameter Edge Agent (DEA)

Product Overview

It is not uncommon that Diameter agents of different networks use different flavours of the Diameter protocol. For instance, sometimes in roaming scenarios,interactions between these different Diameter agents can cause unexpected behaviour of some network elements.

In such scenarios, the Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) can be configured to normalise Diameter signalling traffic between the home and visited networks elements and/or filter out those messages not supported by specific home network elements.

In order to protect the network and hide its topology, the DEA should also be used to prevent direct connections between the MME, SGSN and vPCRF of a visited network to the equivalent elements of the home network: HSS and hPCRF.

Key Benefits

  • The DEA complies with the GSMA PRD IR.88 guidelines guaranteeing load balancing and resiliency
  • Full control over messages, AVPs (Attribute-Value Pair) and connections entering the network with the possibility to check and filter/replace the AVPs
  • Improved security and failover protection by hiding the network topology, preventing unauthorised access and enforcing policies set by the operator
  • Network protection from overloads and unauthorised connections through a dedicated signalling border router

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